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ABB and Norske Shell Partners in productivity Shell
AstraZeneca: ABB flexible packaging system packages qualityAstraZeneca
AstraZeneca: How to achieve tangible productivity improvements by installing new process control for its beta blocker productionAstraZeneca
Atofina: ABB Safely Dismantles Units, Removes Asbestos from Site Atofina
Aventis: Bactericidal Coordination - Antibiotic productionAventis
Aventis: Counting on Safety of S900Aventis
BASF: Agricultural Research Station BASF
BASF: The World’s Biggest PROFIBUS Installation in Process Engineering BASF
BASF: Wastewater Treatment Plant BASF
Bayer: ABB integrates plant, stops batch rejectsBayer
Bayer: System 800xA Enables Incremental Evolution and Plant-wide OptimizationBayer
Blanchon-Syntilor: ABB designs new fully automated paint and varnish plant Blanchon-Syntilor
BNFL: ABB Advant OCS to control new waste vitrification line BNFL
Buechl: From Garbage to Fertilizer  
Case Study: ABB’s Facility Automation Solution unites GxP and non-GxP Automation in Pharmaceutical PlantConfidential
Chalmers University of Technology: There’s no Cleaner Room to be FoundChalmers University of Technology
Chemopetrol: ABB Control System Modernizes Czech Ethylene PlantChemopetrol
Clariant: Freelance controls production of intermediate pesticideClariant
CLH: Automation and vertical integration in Loading TerminalsCLH
Continuous production for SiburSibur Gas (Plastic)
CSL Bioplasma: ABB’s Industrial IT solutions help gain control over plant data.CSL Bioplasma
Denmark’s Premier Hospital Relies on FAS to Control Environment and EnergyRigshospitalet RH
Dow Chemical: Why they picked Industrial ITDow
DSM: Multibarrier TechnologyDSM
DuPont: "ABB supplies “benefits-led” automation package for polyester plant"DuPont
Dynochem: SattLine controls new resins plantDynochem
Élan: Efficiency Plus Compliance Equal Integrated Facility Automation by ABBElan
Erachem Project Report: System Six Evolution to System 800xAErachem
EVC: Expertise that pays for itselfEVC
Future investment for a leading gas and processing plant, Gubkinskiy GPP in RussiaGubkinskiy GPP
Gedeon Richter Ltd: Intrinsic-safe Production of SteroidsGedeon Richter Ltd
Givaudan: Teaming with ABB for control system upgrade Givaudan
Guizhou Crystal: Realizing higher productivity targets with Industrial IT"Guizhou Crystal
Huntsman: Alliance for SuccessHuntsman
ICI: Advant control system technology provides platform for automationICI
ICI: Getting to the Root of the ProblemICI
ICI: Investing in Industrial ITICI
ICI: operations improvementICI
IndianOil: Marketing Terminal at Panipat IndiaIndianOil
Kemira: ABB’s Industrial IT sets the pace for formic acid productionKemira
Kemira: Industrial IT Ensures Coherence in Distributed Fertilizer ProductionKemira
Knoll: Bulk pharmaceutical production controlled by ABB MOD 300 systemKnoll
McGean: Replacing Old Controls Raises Special Challenges for SpecialityMcGean
NeoResins : ABB provides Control System enhancements now, expandability for the futureNeo
NIGU Chemie: How to get highly concentrated acid? Of course by a fieldbus system of ABB AutomationNIGU Chemie
Novo Nordisk: Produce IT ME Achieves Fully Compliant Paperless PlantNovo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk: World’s biggest insulin plant relies on ABB technologyNovo Nordisk
Ormen Lange: Setting the standards for remote oil & gas operationsOrmen Lange
Owens Corning: ABB Constructs Benchmark PlantOwens Corning
OY FORCIT: ABB acquires new production line, enhancing productivity and know-howOY FORCIT
Pemex grows and improves with 800xA safety and control solutions from ABBPemex
Petrocel & Temex: MOD 300 Step Up Migration and Modernization of ControlPetrocel and Temex
Petroflex: ABB's Successful AlliancePetroflex
Petroquimica: Argentine polypropylene plant stays innovative with advanced process control software Petroquimica
Pfizer: Business Systems ValidationPfizer
Pfizer: Spreadsheet ValidationPfizer
Pfizer: Warehouse Integration ProjectPfizer
Pharmaceutical Company: Facilities ValidationPharmaceutical Company
Pharmaceutical Company: Warehouse integration projectPharmaceutical Company
Pharmacia: ABB Advant OCS to control new pharmaceutical plant in Southern IrelandPharmacia
Polimeri-Europa: ABB Solves ProblemsPolimeri-Europa
Qatar Petroleum: An upgrade to Industrial IT Control, Asset Management--with no downtimeQatar Petroleum
Qenos, Orica, Huntsman: ABB streamlines plant maintenanceQenos, Orica, Huntsman
Reliance Chemical: Facility achieves “live” upgrade with production maintained during evolution to System 800xAReliance Chemical
Repsol: Taking Control at YPF's La Plata RefineryRepsol
Repsol: Total Integration of Butano's Bottled Gas PlantsRepsol
Rhodia: Fast Tracking Products to the Market in Real-timeRhodia
Roche: ABB Advant OCS to control modernized Vitamin C facilityRoche
Sakhalin II: World’s largest integrated oil and gas projectSakhalin
Sanofi: Selects ABBSanofi
Service: Maintenance systems audit - gaining better value from working practices Service
Snohvit: Meeting the challenges of the Barents SeaStatoil
Stadtwerke Kiel AG: Profibus & DSV40, Device Management – A tool checks everythingStadtwerke Kiel AG
Statoil pumps up production levels through information sharing and 'smart' practices.Statoil
Sture: Crude Upgrading ProjectSture
Südzucker: Cutting-edge Process Control Technology for Bioethanol Plant Südzucker
Vinnolit: A successful cut and carve plant updateVinnolit
WAGP - SCADA System IntegrityWest Africa Gas Pipeline Company

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