ABB Training Center - Auburn Hills, MI

Our main training center is located in the city of Auburn Hills, approximately 60 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. ABB Robotics offers over 50 courses in programming, electrical troubleshooting, mechanical / preventive maintenance, software, processes (such as welding, paint, vision, material handling, spot welding, laser cutting), and customized courses on a variety of ABB robots.

All ABB Robotics courses provide classroom instruction combined with hands-on training. Class size is limited to facilitate an effective and enhanced learning atmosphere. ABB instructors have a wide range of skills and provide students with the best comprehension based on their knowledge, delivery skills, and dynamics.

Our Auburn Hills training facility includes:

  • Over 15,000 sq. ft. dedicated to customer training with dedicated classrooms.
  • Large, well-equipped training lab for hands-on learning - most robots in industry.
  • Robot versions include IRC5, IRC5P, S4C+, and S4P+
  • Comprehensive training curriculum developed by your ABB instructors.

Fly into Detroit Metro airport or Flint Bishop International airport.

Parking: Parking for the Training Center is in the front of the building. Enter through the main entrance with the "ABB" over it.

Class Start Times/End Times: Classes begin at 9:00 am on the first day of training and begin at 8:00 am for the rest of the week. For Mon -Fri classes, your class will be completed around noon on the last day of your scheduled class. Please do not make flight arrangements for any time before 4:00 pm on Friday.

Lunch Program: ABB will provide your employees with lunch daily along with an afternoon snack.

Security: The front lobby opens at 7:00 am. Access to the Training Center requires a photo ID badge which you will get from the receptionist in the front lobby. We require that you wear your badge at all times while in our facility. Once you have your badge, you will be granted access to our customer demonstration and Training Center. Our security policy requires that you be accompanied by your instructor should you need to visit other parts of our building.

Smoking: ABB Auburn Hills is a smoke free campus. Smoking is restricted to the rear of the facility.

Emergencies: In case of an emergency, telephones are available for your use. Your instructor will provide you access to these phones. If an emergency arises during the week, please notify us or have your employer or a family member contact us at 1-800-HELP-365 opt 1, opt 4.

Dress Code Policy: As a company we want to maintain a professional appearance. Examples of attire that is acceptable are: sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts (with sleeves), jeans, slacks, sport shirts with collars, flannel shirts, sport coats, tennis shoes, boots. Examples of attire that is unacceptable and not permitted in the training lab are shorts, skirts, sandals (open toed shoes), tank tops, and any inappropriate logos. We reserve the right to inform individuals that are considered not to be in conformance with the standards and guidelines of our policy. Individuals considered not in compliance with this policy will be asked to return to their home / hotel, change, and to dress more appropriately.

Conduct: It is the intention of ABB Inc. to provide a healthy, safe and efficient workplace in its facilities. While on ABB Inc. premises, no student may use, possess, dispense, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal or non-prescribed drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs or over-the-counter medication is permitted on the job only if it does not impair student’s ability to perform the job effectively and safely.

If at any time the management staff or instructors notice a change in speech, attitude, coordination or can smell alcohol on the student’s breath, ABB reserves the right to have the student leave the premises and may not be able to finish the course. The student’s employer will be notified regarding the student’s actions.

We are dedicated to provide you with the best learning experience while at our facility as well as your entire stay in the Auburn Hills area. If you have any questions regarding training courses, the robot lab, facilities, cafeteria, or accommodations, please ask your training instructor or feel free to call our 24-Hour Customer Support Center at 1-800-HELP-365 opt 1, opt 4.

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