Warminster Training Center
125 E. County Line Road
Warminster, PA 18974


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 (919) 666-1388

ABB University - Warminster, PA

Our Warminster training center is located approximately 35 miles from the Philadelphia Airport, specializing in DCI System Six training courses.

Parking: There are parking spaces available on a first come first serve basis in the parking areas. Any unmarked space is available for student parking. Please do not park in "Handicapped" spaces unless authorized.

Identification: Personnel must wear the company badge. Clients must wear the student badge issued to them by your reception desk the first day of class. Please return the badges to your instructor on the last day of your class.

Class Hours: Normal class hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with ample time for lunch and breaks at appropriate times.

Dress Code Policy: As a company we want to maintain a professional appearance. Examples of attire that is acceptable are: sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts (with sleeves), jeans, slacks, sportshirts with collars, flannel shirts, sport coats, tennis shoes, boots. Examples of attire that is unacceptable and not permitted in the training lab are shorts, skirts, sandals (open toed shoes), tank tops, and any inappropriate logos. We reserve the right to inform individuals that are considered not to be in conformance with the standards and guidelines of our policy. Individuals considered not in compliance with this policy will be asked to return to their home/hotel, change, and to dress more appropriately.

Conduct: It is the intention of ABB Inc. to provide a healthy, safe and efficient workplace in its facilities. While on ABB Inc. premises, no student may use, possess, dispense, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal or unprescribed drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs or over-the-counter medication is permitted on the job only if it does not impair student’s ability to perform the job effectively and safely. If at any time the management staff or instructors notice a change in speech, attitude, coordination or can smell alcohol on the student’s breath, ABB reserves the right to have the student leave the premises and may not be able to finish the course. The student’s employer will be notified regarding the student’s actions.

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